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    I consider water crossings quite dangerous but prepare the best I can to minimise risk, an acceptable process for what I'm about to embark upon that works for me.
    Another dangerous activity that I participate in is driving, especially when I'm approaching another car with a combined speed around 100mph and pass only a few feet apart, now that's really dangerous.....
    G-HAMS a pretty quick Quik

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    If you are worried about landing in the sea I suggest you fit a BRS. This will bring you down in a level attitude abd give plenty of time to plan your orderly exit from the aircraft as once you have pulled the lever you are simply a spectator. It's one of the great unsung benefits of a BRS which otherwise would only probably be used over land in an airframe failure. Also a transponder which can be switched to 7700 with a push of the button. This will light up your position for all ATC stations. The next thing I recommend is buoyancy in the aircraft, either pneumatic or even hard styrofoam (depends on airframe). Your chances of being found are much greater if you do not have to leave the vicinity of the aircraft. Finally a decent dry suit - not a cheapo like a Fladen. All this adds up to thousands of pounds if done properly. I have made about 80 channel crossings and have never felt at risk. Get altitude of course, if you can, and know which way the wind is blowing as this will affect your choices if the engine stops. Landing near a yacht is also a good strategy.

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