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    Radio Interference from?


    In my Quik I use a Yaesu FTA450L with a microavionics Interface. When used first time I found I was getting interference... a buzz that went up and down as the engine revs rose and fell. I rerouted the radio wiring a bit (away from others) and it was ok. I added a ferrite bead to the power lead to the radio for good measure anyway.

    Now, several flights later, the same buzz is back. Nothing looks to have moved. Any ideas? what is producing this? Help would be much appreciated.

    FYI I also have a USB/Aux power socket fitted down near the base of the screen, but turning that on/off makes no difference.

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    Can you run it off its own battery and disconnect the power lead for an experiment to see if that improves things.

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    Another possible solution is to check the screen all the way along the cable run, and to unscrew the aerial from the mount, if it's the standard one P&M use, make sure the threads are clean, and screw it back. Sometimes rust or dirt on that thread stops the aerial working as well as it should.
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