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    Is there a microlight season?

    Given itís so cold/wet/snowing (yeah, I know the snowís mostly in Scotland, but letís inject an air of drama into this), is there a time when microlight pilots generally hibernate? I mean, is there a microlight flying season?
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    You know that some of the very best flying is on a winter's day with high pressure and the superb visibility. No so much free petrol around tho.

    Can't speak for everone but in a draughty unheated cabin with an OAT of abt zero I never feel cold. Yes I am wearing a coat and a thick pair of kecks but really never cold. Reckon it's because mind and body are constantly alert. [the world needs lerts]

    Expect I'd be bloody freezing in a motor-bicycle sidecar.

    Flying a flexwing through snow is a surreal experience.
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    I would say "yes" but with a pinch of salt.

    by and large my flexwing season can be summarised by "BST" simply, when the clocks are set to GMT i am not constantly checking a weather app for the next window of opportunity

    that said my logbook does have flights in December and January (on occasion 26th December!) simply because the conditions allowed for it and were ideal flights if only local and an hour in length to preserve the extremities from falling off in the cold conditions.

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    As a very rough guide, I'd reckon from various sources that there are about twice the flying windows and twice the daylight in summer than in winter - put the two together and you are four times more likely to be able to fly on any future day (beyond the typical weather forecast accuracy) in the summer than in the winter, with Spring and Autumn somewhere in between.

    So yes, you can fly throughout the year but you're most likely to be able to do so in the summer... but hibernate? No, we just spend more time checking weather forecasts and looking out of the window.

    One source is here:

    Back to just bimbling in the TST.

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    My biggest obstacle to flying is all year round, family, work and weather. I love when the stars align and I can get away. During the summer I tend to get away for the day, flying 4-6 hours and doing some touring. During the winter I stay local and fly for about 1 hour at a time as my hands and feet struggle with the cold any longer than that. Hopefully I might get out for a couple of local spins in my Quantum 503 on Sunday.

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    During the "summer" months our club flying tends to be trips of a fair distance but the winter time mainly consists of choosing 3 or 4 airfields within a couple of hours of Caunton and doing a circular tour, luckily, my personal availability to flying is pretty much every weekend and a couple of days in the week
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    I have heard of this "flying season" thing before but no idea what it means. If there is daylight, isn't raining or a hurricane then it's time to get in the sky. Temperature isn't really a concern in an ozee suit, heated gloves and socks.

    Due to the limited daylight the journeys are typically shorter and there isn't as much chance of getting in the sky after work. Always a good idea to PPR but especially important for grass fields that could be waterlogged.

    There are also less fly ins during the winter.

    As mentioned earlier, you will find smoother flying conditions which is good if you dont like the feeling of being in a washing machine during the mid day summer sun.

    Another advantage of winter is less UV on our precious wings.

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