Offered for sale as restoration project or spares is this Flexiform SkySails Solo Striker/Hornet 330.

G-MJWN was bought by its previous owner in flying condition in 1992 and barn stored since then, never having been flown since. It was de-registered by the CAA in 2002 but may be re-registered following the appropriate inspections.

The engine is a Fuji Robin EC330PM 2 stroke.

The trike is a Hornet H430.

Briefly, it comes fully complete with trailer in good condition,wing and all parts needed, large binder of paperwork including Engine manual, A and E Logbooks, receipts for work carried out in accordance with technical advisories, CAA Exemption, old BMAA paperwork etc. In short it appears fully complete. It even has an old helmet and flying suit in reasonable condition!

Previous owner did not fly it but did state the engine had been run regularly or turned over by the farm staff and its condition seems to bear this out. It turns freely and is in good condition, other than surface corrosion and obviously perished rubber parts.

The wing has not yet been fully examined due to the weather - but obviously it is over 35 years old.

From what I understand the trike is a Hornet, manufactured by them in Yorkshire, the wing being built in Manchester by Flexiform Skysails.

This is being sold as spares or for restoration - not in flying condition, so a full inspection is recommended.

More information can be found via the CCA on its G-INFO website, by entering the reg mark.
Other technical information can be found via the BMAA on their website.

Please contact us with any questions or to view. There are more photos on request or it can be viewed in Macclesfield in Cheshire.

Give me a call or message for more photos or questions. Looking for 500 for it complete.
Tim 07808 474909

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