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    Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck

    Of course, you are commenting on the 2-seater world. In the UK we have one of the world's most liberal airworthiness regimes with SSDR. Even the US FAR103 regulations are more restrictive.


    You're 100% right about this. However, it's still a very small market...
    I'm thinking as a customer, it's nice to be able to have a UK factory, but it doesn't trouble me if we don't.
    There's plenty of competition for SSDR pilots' money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Watson View Post
    Not at all likely. That's not what this is all about.
    An existing aircraft has its weight limit. It's in it's documents.
    An older 390kg aircraft didn't magically become a 450kg one when the upper limit for micros became 450. Similarly, increasing to 600 doesn't magically mean you can fly your 450kg machine at a higher weight.

    NEW ones may be re-certified (if that's the right word) to a higher limit if the manufacturer chooses to do it.
    My French AX3/Weedhopper with MYRO's (my old UK AX3) old 503 engine fitted is a 450kg machine over here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Mole View Post
    My French AX3/Weedhopper with MYRO's (my old UK AX3) old 503 engine fitted is a 450kg machine over here
    Yes, but when the AX3 was certified in the UK, the limit was 390kg. Having gone through the certification process, not exactly a fune experience, no one wanted to re-open the same.

    We could also argue that a declarative scheme is easier to get through than an investigative one, especially if the declaration is written by someone creative.

    However, with the declarative scheme, there's nothing to hide behind. With an investigative one, if compliance is 100%, then the problem is the poor certification.

    Having said that we may be saying the same about 600kg in 5 years time whilst France is settled on 500kg.
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