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    Thruster T85 Wing Skin Templates

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I'm just starting to get into flying and have picked up a Thruster T85 (correct me if wrong. From my research it could be a T83. Pics attached) that needed new wing skins. I can use the existing tail skins as templates for the new ones but I do not have wing skins to base them off.

    Does anyone have any sources where I could get a template from? Any help is appreciated.




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    Hi, welcome to the forum. That's a nice looking little aeropane.

    Unfortuantely we're unlkely to be able to help because we're UK based and our Thrusters are a bit different - and we don't have any of the early single-seaters here.

    There used to be an excellent Thruster Owners Support Group in Australia but the leading light died unfortunately (natural causes) and the organisation faded out of existence. Your best bet now is the Thruster forum on the Recreational Flying web site in Australia. Link to that is [here].

    Any questions about flying microlights in general and this ( is a good place to be. Have fun with your flying training.

    Back to just bimbling in the TST.

    No longer instructing - just pontificating..
    and now a Tai Chi instructor

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    G'day Jack, Doug Mansfield, aka Deskpilot, here from down under near Adelaide, South Australia. I'm in the same position as you in that I've been gifted a T84 Thruster with perished skins. The cost of a new set here is anywhere between AU$2K and Au$3k, money I don't have, and if I did, my other half wouldn't let me spend. In order to lower the cost, I'm experimenting with resin impregnated silk. Not saying that it's going to work but it has potential . Here are a few images.
    DSCF4662.jpg As found after 11 years in that trailer, DSCF4668.jpg Battered but not broken. DSCF4910.jpg Rotax 503 dirty but now runs well. DSCF5659.jpg Journey so far. DSCF4920 (Copy).JPG 1st trial. DSCF4931.jpg still pliable after resin has set. DSCF5200 (Copy).JPG 1st application skeg. DSCF5196 (Copy).JPG Unfortunately, I got the mix wrong and it delaminated after some testing.

    The mixing of resin and hardener is critical and great care is needed. Trials are ongoing with different resins and silks. Even tried Spandex which appears to work well bit is so expensive here compared to silk.
    I hope this gives you food for thought. Sorry I can't help you with your problem.
    Average-everything, formerly young
    Without deviation, progress is not possible. — Frank Zappa
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    Doug Mansfield aka Deskpilot

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