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    Exclamation Update your location please

    Hi everybody,

    For a while now, anyone signing up on the forum has had to provide a location as it is now an obligatory field.
    Those of you who signed up beforehand, could I please ask you to add your location.
    This is very useful when someone asks questions where the answer depends upon where they are and which regulatory system they are under.

    To do this, look at the top right of the forum page and click "My Profile"
    Then click the tab "About Me" and you can edit your location.

    Thanks in advance
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    The three most useless things in aviation:
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    Rule #1: Always tie-down your aircraft to the largest heaviest object available. The planet Earth meets these requirements and is readily available in all locations.
    Rule #2: The great thing about twin engined aircraft is, if one engine fails, the other engine always has just enough power to get you to the scene of the crash.
    Rule #3: You can never have too much fuel in an aircraft. Unless it's on fire.

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    I think I'm up to date. Not been here in a while. Hope everyone is well.

    Pilots are just Plane people with a special Air about them.

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