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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck View Post
    How microlighting's changed! Time was that deadstick landings were commonplace, eh? Even this forum has/had a rescue contact list and we even have the deadstick award.


    Yes, but his school had 3 in less than a year, on aircraft which were well maintained....
    The three most useless things in aviation:
    • The air above you.
    • The runway behind you.
    • The fuel in the bowser.

    Rule #1: Always tie-down your aircraft to the largest heaviest object available. The planet Earth meets these requirements and is readily available in all locations.
    Rule #2: The great thing about twin engined aircraft is, if one engine fails, the other engine always has just enough power to get you to the scene of the crash.
    Rule #3: You can never have too much fuel in an aircraft. Unless it's on fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck View Post
    Anyhow back to the OP, Jabirus are cheaper to buy than Rotax 912s; Jabirus are lighter than Rotax 912s; early Jabiru designs had well-publicised weaknesses but 912 early weaknesses were just listed as service bulletins; Jabirus were aimed at the very light aircraft market whereas 912s had military applications and funding; Jabirus rev slower and sound fruitier than 912s.
    912s have never been under the threat of grounding by CASA...

    912s have been turbocharged. Can you imagine a turbocharged Jab? Be a good way of launching engine parts into low earth orbit.

    I'm sure we all have our list or preferences.

    Where would we put:

    Jabiru 4 cylinder
    ULPower 4 cylinder
    Rotax 912

    List 'em in order....
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    [Disclaimer: I'm not that fond of Rotax engines because of their price and because of their popularity with thieves!]

    Having flown behind a few Jabi's, I have to say I quite like them. They had issues, but the fixes are now known. MadamBreakneck mentioned that they rev lower than a (four stroke) Rotax, which is true, but I point out that they rev a bit higher than the ideal propeller speed. Rotax solves this with a gearbox. With a Jabiru you tend to need a short propeller which then pushes less air than a longer propeller. Back to my point, given a choice between a two-stroke engine and a Jabiru, i'd go Jabi every time.

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