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    Another alternative Colour Moving Map SatNav tested and working

    After the successful installation of the "MyGuide" system in my plane I decided to buy my Dad one for his birthday. Unfortunately when the time came the stocks at Ebuyer had dried up. A search of the interweb could not provide me with a unit in time.

    I opted for the RAC 1100 wide screen unit from available from Halfords. It has the same res touch screen as the myguide but is slightly brighter and has a built in stylus that slides into the rear of the unit.

    The mount that is supplied with the unit is also much more durable than the myguide and will last much longer. The unit itself is nice and compact and would make a nice addition to any microlight.

    "Hacking" the unit is not too difficult as long as you are reasonably confident with a computer and have a spare 2gb SD card.

    For other models of satnav and good sound advice I urge you to speak to Terry Viner - top bloke. Glad i'm finally out of your debt Terry!!
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