Hi Guys,

Stoodleigh Barton is an airfield north of Tiverton, in Lockyears farm strip guide. Will taught me to fly 3 axis so any help would be great. Nikki

Due to a very unhappy local counciller Stoodleigh Barton is under threat , There has been a 650 metre stip at stoodleigh for twenty years , It was originally 400 metres in 1985 and extended to 650 metres in 1990 , Over the years many pilots have laded at stoodleigh and Im apealing to all pilots with STOODLEIGH in thier log books to please make contact because I realy NEED your help , I can only win this if you help but the more the better,And even if the entrie isnt over ten years it dosnt matter as it all shows use of Stoodleigh Barton Airfield and it all realy helps,Im very happy to cover all cost you incurr, postage etc Please contact icarusc42@hotmail.co.uk or my landline is 01398 351 568 Thankyou so much for reading this

Regards Will Knowles C.F.I. Wrightflight