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    462 starter repair

    shandy back again re non starting 462. with all of your help we nailed the problem down to the starter, it would not turn over on shorting the solinoid, so i now have to get somebody to check the starter over , could someone help with a reccomended company.

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    Any car electrical repair shop should be able to do it for you there's one next to my garage in Milton keynes , there should be on near you wherever that is ...

    Cheers Mike

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    From my experience with car starters it's nearly always worn brushes. They pass a lot of current and burn away from arcing. If it is, it's definitely worth seeing if you can get replacements rather than buying a new/exchange motor, which usually happens when you take a car to a garage!

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    Have you tried running 12v to it from a spare batt with the aid of jump leads....neg to the body pos to the main term...just in case its a wiring prob on the trike.


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    this guy repairs and rewinds unusual starter moters,

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    Do a search for your local auto electrician. You may find someone close who works out of a van.
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    Not sure with what you have done already, but I have repaired a similar problem like this on a 582 a few years ago. Basically as you probably already know, your prop needs to be spinning over at a good rate before it will start, and to do that the starter needs to be having as many amps going to it as possible. You need to check a few things.
    In basic terms, you have a few components to check, battery, leads, solenoid and starter.
    Battery, adequate size, charged up etc. Surprising how many people change the battery for a crappy one, one with a low internal resistance is good, and are normally more expensive.
    Leads need to be of adequate size, not thin ones, must have clean connections etc. If you think of a water tank with two pipes coming out of it, one pipe is 2 inches wide the other 6. The 6 inch pipe will let far more water through than the 2 inch pipe. Think of the water at Amps, so the 6 in pipe has less resistance than the 2 inch pipe. Resistance in electrical terms is called Ohms.

    Solenoid, must be clean and of adequate size.
    Starter, good order, good clean brushes etc.
    As with all of the above, good clean tight connections are a must.

    Now, there is a calculation that goes like this, Amps is equal to Voltage divided by resistance. So, if you have 12 volts, 2 ohms of resistance, then the amount of amps going to the starter is 6amps. Small cables, dirty connections, thin cables and a worn dirty solenoid can all give you extra resistance.
    Imagine now you have 3 ohms of resistance your amps drop to 4. You charge your battery, check the connections, leads are thick enough, change the solenoid for a new one, all of a sudden your resistance has dropped to 1 ohm. Do the maths and you have 12amps now going to the starter, prop spinning like hell, engine fires.

    What you commonly see is a dirty or loose connection somewhere goes unnoticed, engine takes longer to start or more attempts to start. As a consequence, you have used the solenoid more times, the loose connections are smoking, and eventually the starter also pays the price as it gets worn down.

    So basically mate, all I am saying is, dont put the new starter back on and think everything else must be fine, check it all out to make sure your not just starting the cycle off again.
    Hope that helps and I am sorry if someone else has already posted something similar.

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    thanks to all of you .have now tested the starter directly from the battery in a vice as per vinces post, low and behold she spun no probs, so am now a bit baffeled will now check the resistance of wires to the starter, we are getting 12.3 volts at the starter so if we have low resistance there should be enough amps to turn it, i also have a feeling that because the engine has hardly been used that things got a bit sticky, so fingers crossed ,i will solve this.

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    I asked a few posts back if the engine turns normally if you turn the prop.....just to make sure the engine is not seized,

    Did you test the starter when it spun ok with a different batt than the one on the a/c....just thinking that the a/c batt may be u/s.....the recent cold spell could have killed it,

    Thats why I suggested hooking up a known to be good separate batt to the starter before you remove it from the a/c.


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