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    Microlight Forum Cup. Purpose and Rules

    The "Microlight Forum Cup"


    1. To give pilots an excuse or a cross country flight
    2. To stop them getting bored with their flying
    3. To meet other forum members
    4. Make new friends
    5. Get "kudos" on the forum for being the "cup holder"
    6. Gain respect from your fellow pilots

    So what's the big idea?

    Forum member Sam, has kindly donated a cup. Now the idea is that any of us "collect it" and keep it as long as nobody else collects it. We will track it's progress on this thread with the map


    You will be awarded the when you collect the cup. As soon as it is collected, you will receive a to show that you have been a holder of it.

    The current holder will be then showing the trophy in their award cabinet.

    So, what are you waiting for? See where it is and go collect it

    1. You must be a forum member to collect it
    2. You must only take it to a field that is friendly to microlights
    3. You must make it available to anyone flying in to collect it.
    4. You must do everything reasonably possible to keep it secure (we don't want to loose it)
    5. You may fly in any aircraft to come and get it but you be that group A Flexwing or Paramotor / private jet, but you must land at the field where it is being held, and fly it back to your own airfield.
    6. You should try and get a photograph for the forum of it changing hands.
    That's it, enjoy.

    For those that say you should only collect it in a microlight, no. I am thinking of my mate "Polski" and he is as much a microlighter as the rest of us. The fact that he now fly's an LAA ship has no bearing on whether he should be able to collect it.

    Same goes for a paramotor pilot who travells 30 miles for it has made some achievement so I can see no rhyme nor reason why they should be exempt from taking part and getting their name onto the map as a holder.

    Here's hoping that this is a real success and a great bit of fun for a great many pilots. I look forward to following it's progress.
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