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    Someone has to test past these limits and I would sooner it be him than me!We all die someday but after watching his vids the question is whether it will be earlier than when natural causes say so.But I suppose the real question is,If YOU could, would you fly like that?
    I know I'd be chicken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyJ View Post
    Insane high level manoeuvers too!!!!
    Check out this photo and the descussion below!
    Raven (as well, as all now days wings) is good for doing the same thing also It just depend on pilot's qualification. I've done exactly the same on mine and other wings (Polish, Hungarian, French, British) ...

    I'd like to test Revo in longer flight in all conditions, I mean midday, thermal active, long range flight and so on ...

    Evolution makes a good and impressive marketing Let see what happen in five years ...

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