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Thread: Radio times

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    Radio times

    I've noticed a strange phenomenon on my radio set up on my Q.
    I had problems with no audio on transmit yesterday - the ground were could hear my carrier, but, no audio. And it would seem after I transmitted I wasn't receiving audio for a good few seconds.
    Oddly, the radio seemed to be operating OK (Icom A2 and Lynx interface). the display was as usual, I could hear a small amount of white noise all of the time and could hear other radio calls. But, after each time I transmitted, I wasn't getting any replies. - I later found out that people on the ground at my base airfield were replying to me.
    Once on the ground, I did a few test calls and everything seemed fine apart from a slight howl/whistle/screech W.H.Y. for a second or so when I depress the PTT.
    After digging out my multimeter to check the battery terminal voltage ( I though it my be getting low - I don't have a charging system on the Q) I discovered my odd phenomenon - I was showing 12.8 volts on receive - but on pushing the PTT the battery voltage showed 22 volts plus!
    Admittedly, it's a digital multimeter and I still really prefer a moving needle for a lot of things, but, this reading does seem consistent every time I press the button.
    Has anyone else had anything like this?

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    According to those nice guys at Lynx, this squeal is caused by RF getting back onto the supply lines through the filters in the radio and is common with older radios such as the A2.
    They do an add on filter to cure it, but, at 55 I think I may as well look for a better radio...

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    Jon, are you using the radio with its rubber duck antenna?
    If you fit a remote antenna it will probably be a lot better.
    To test the radio supply susceptibility wrap the supply wire a couple of times through a ferrite core. If you haven't got one but have an old computer lead that has a 'lump' in it and that you don't need anymore, cut off the insulation and cut the wire from the ferrite, voila you have a free one.

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