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    for those online right now, LO4 is squawking 7700 and diverting to Glasgow, follow it here
    Skyranger G-PAWZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by thearb View Post
    true but it's a value add to the user at no cost. The pilot needs to be aware of the limitations of a basic service and that ATC is not under any traffic reporting or separation obligations. However there have been many many times when I have been alerted to conflicting traffic and have spotted it before I would have done otherwise because I have been able to focus lookout on a certain direction or height. You are treated by ATC with the same professionalism as any other air user whether military or heavy. A basic service doesn't in anyway offer traffic deconfliction but who knows if another set of eyes would have made all the difference in this week's mid air? Somebody somewhere could have been watching the whole tragedy unfold on the screen in front of them and been unable to contact either aircraft or do a thing about it. We will never know - a horrible thought. Radar traces are often replayed by the AAIB, it's just a question of whether someone is watching them on the screen at the time.

    I am convinced there is a contingent of pilots out there who are not radio confident, but like many things in life, it gets easy with practice. The additional resource overheard is not huge with a good set of headsets and reliable PTT even when flying solo.

    There is one additional factor, if you have an emergency you have an established line of communication and can very quickly get a message to someone who already has your details. I speak from personal experience this very summer over an unfriendly terrain.

    its important to understand who you are talking to and whether you are in fact adding value. At Sywell on a busy day we are plagued by people asking for a basic service and giving their life story on the radio. Meanwhile we fly several circuits without getting any position calls in. Does that reduce the chance of a mid air? - from where I sit in the circuit it does the reverse.

    At an aerodrome with AFIS it may be one person sat on a chair with a mike, with no electronic aids at all, writing stuff down on paper slips. If aerodrome is busy the frequency can be 90plus % occupied with calls. Even a superman couldnt keep all that in his head, and with no other aids, all you will get is a curt - QNH is XXXX Sywell circuit busy. Nothing else, and you wont get any traffic information from him at all.

    What you will get is an ability to listen to others calls and draw your own mental picture of whats going on, and them the same from your call. Its vital that people realise what you get form a basic service from an AFIS - and dont think that once logged on anyone is looking out for you - if it lets you relax one tiny bit and drop your guard - then you have reduced your level of safety!

    Getting a basic service on a less busy day, or from somewhere bigger, maybe also with a radar, still wont get you much, but will be decluttered and your call maybe more useful and more welcomed.

    So use it intelligently, realise its limitations, and avoid the vicinity of small aerodromes with AFIS on a busy day - so you are not overloading the frequency.

    this is a good link for more info for the guys less well versed in whats involved

    and the basic overview is below:


    A Basic Service is intended to offer the pilot maximum autonomy and the avoidance of other traffic is solely the pilotís responsibility. The controller/FISO will pass information pertinent to the safe and efficient conduct of flight. This can include weather, changes of serviceability of facilities, conditions at aerodromes and general activity information within a unitís area of responsibility.
    A Traffic Service provides the pilot with surveillance derived traffic information on conflicting aircraft. No deconfliction advice is passed and the pilot is responsible for collision avoidance. A Traffic Service contains the information available in a Basic Service. In addition, controllers provide surveillance derived traffic information on relevant conflicting traffic. Headings and/or levels may also be issued for positioning and/or sequencing.
    A Deconfliction Service provides the pilot with traffic information and deconfliction advice on conflicting aircraft. However, the avoidance of other aircraft is ultimately the pilotís responsibility. A Deconfliction Service contains the information available in a Basic Service. In addition, controllers shall aim to assist the pilot with his responsibility for the safety of the aircraft by passing traffic information and deconfliction advice. Headings and/or levels will also be issued for positioning, sequencing and/or deconfliction advice.

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    I passed my RT a couple of months ago.
    Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies

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    I passed mine a year ago lol

    cheers john.

    You can teach monkeys to fly better than that

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    me too, 4 years ago I think

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