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    To buy or not to buy?

    I got my PPL twenty+ years ago and it lapsed. Now I'm looking at getting back into aviation via microlighting. When I originally got my License I would then pay to hire out a club aircraft. However, looking through some of these threads and in other areas, would I be right in saying that microlighting is more of an ownership rather than a rental type hobby? Or is it pretty straightforward and affordable to rent club aircraft if they are available? I am getting the impression that, were I to do it seriously, it would be more cost effective to buy (or part share) a machine rather than rent - I'm guessing there are plenty of people out there with experience of both?

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    Hi Neil.

    Most buy or part share. Renting by the hour is not a "microlight" thing. Some do, but the good thing about owning your own is that you can do something like fly-uk or go touring for a week. Something that would cost a fortune if you paid by the hour.
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    Hi Neil,

    It all comes down to how much money you have, what you would like to be flying and how many hours you think you will be doing a year.

    I rent a c42 by the hour. Would love to own one but way way out of my price range and no shares around my area. Plus I only fly a few hours every two to three weeks at the moment so if you added up all the costs of owning the plane it is cheaper to hire.
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    I like having my own but it didn't cost a fortune so the benefit of flying when I want to (weather permitting) and not when someone else isn't is worth it to me as sometimes I caravan at the field so have her all to myself all weekend without no one to take her away from me. You need all good owners to be prepared to make sure its looked after and maintained correctly or it could get sticky if you dont feel safe flying in a plane someone else thinks is ok that needs a few things maintaining for your peice of mind.
    I suppose it depends what your flying and how deep your pockets are.Beggars can't be choosers they say,hence why I spent 2500 on a Flash2a and not 25000 on a Quik.Gave me ultimate control of everything for little outlay rather than sharing a quick and not feeling in full trust of who is doing what when I'm not there.What if another share holder covered up a bad landing say and next time out it collapsed on you.Not your fault but you wouldn't know.Flipside you might get a picky so and so like me who likes everthing just so in which case you'd benefit.
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    All makes sense what Parky said above.
    Once qualified I'll be looking to buy, basically for all those reasons.

    I'd much rather have my own little 2500 worth of microlight than a share in a 25k one.
    I would know every hour of it that way, and don't need anyone's permission/agreement for any mod's, etc.
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    If you have the outlay its far better to buy unless you know of someone you trust who is also looking into microlighting then it may be a good idea to go 50/50.

    I owned my Speccy out right but sold a half share to a pilot friend about 18 month ago, we just go 50/50 on everything but he is the type who will be honest about anything that he has done and needs repaired, atm we need to do abit of restoration to the old bird as she stays outside the wing span is quite large so doesn't fit in the hanger easily so also comes in handy for repairs having 2 owners, but I wouldn't say to have anymore than 4 in a syndicate if you decided to go that route.
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    For me, it would depend on the number of hours you intend to fly. The greater the number of hours, the cheaper by the hour it is to fly your own aircraft, and the more important it becomes that you have the aircraft available. I'd say at anything over 40 to 50 hours per year it is better to own your own.

    From 10 to 50 hours it probably makes more sense to be in a syndicate because it shares out both the initial purchase cost but also - and probably more importantly if you plan to fly for many years- the standing costs of hangarage, insurance, and maintenance, permits etc. Plus it can be very sociable to have a share with other like minded flyers.

    Anything under 10 hours and I'd definitely be hiring. Having said that, there aren't many places that hire out, so that option isn't readily available in many parts of the country.

    I would suggest you think first about what you want to fly, and then be realistic about the number of hours you want to fly, and make a judgement from there.


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