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    Super thread bump!

    Im also interested in doing the restricted licence so thought I’d post in here. I’ve currently done approx 23 hours and are building up my solo hours in the circuit. Really tempted to go for the restricted licence and get the GST done. Then do the Nav module maybe next year.

    Understand it restricts you to 8nm / 9.2 miles from take off but I’m thinking that would be ok whilst building up log book time and experience before pushing further afield. Learning to walk before running so to speak.

    Really interested in hearing people’s thoughts and experiences of this.


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    It's a perfectly reasonable way to go, particularly if you've done some of ground exams a while ago and need to get qualified before they expire.
    But you are going to get pretty frustrated with the 8nm limit very soon - and flying weather this coming season is going to be superb (trust me!).
    BMAA 5370

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    I'd say there's absolutely no harm in going the retricted route: stop the clock on the solo hours and exams. Even if you then get your qualifying cross countries while the application is with the BMAA, send them an email to say so and stick your evidence and your application to remove the restrictions in the post (special delivery). More likely you'll fly happily for a while on your new licence (eventually with passenger carrying restriction removed by your local examiner) and do your cross-countries when the weather's nice and you are in the mood.

    When my licence was restricted (in a previous millennium) I set myself cats-cradle routes to practice, but more often I just enjoyed pootling around the countryside enjoying the aeroplane and the scenery - Ok my microlight cruises at 45kt, but your's can too (with flap) if all you are after is just 'being up there'.

    I also had an neighbouring airfield within the 8nm that I could fly to if I wanted - and yes, the 8nm starts from your new take-off point, so if you've enough airfields in your locale you could play leap-frog between them - never more than 8nm from your latest take-off point.

    I've even flown as passenger with a restricted licence holder and, by agreement, taken command at the 8nm boundary: it is legal to transfer command in the air as long as its absolutely clear who is in command, ie PIC, and it's shown as such in the log of the flight. Of course, the PIC is allowed to authorise the passenger to 'manipulate the controls' - but obviously the passenger can't log that portion of the flight. Of course, the restricted licence holder must have had the passenger-carrying restriction removed to do that, otherwise they'd be passenger for the entire flight and not be able to log the time.

    Ah, the power of lateral thinking.

    So when you feel ready to go for that £50 coffee in the next county - or 150 coffee in France - then you can do a couple of QXCs, get the restrictions removed, and go for it. In my case, by the time I did my QXCs I was an experienced local pilot, had my RTF licence, could handle navigation procedures, and had even flown a few times at my destination airfields; so I found my QXCs little more than an hour or so of boring straight and level flying along a line on the map (except for 10 minutes while map and ground features didn't match each other).

    NB. Check the wheezes I mention above are still legal, my knowledge is a year or two out of date. Martin?
    NB2. This applies, of course, to UK NPPL (M).

    Back to just bimbling in the TST.

    No longer instructing - just pontificating..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamBreakneck View Post
    I'd say there's absolutely no harm in going the retricted route: stop the clock on the solo hours
    Thanks fantastic advice, thanks so much for your reply and information. Really good point about hopping from one airfield to another as there are 2 airfields within 9.2 miles. So thatís a good option.

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