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    Quote Originally Posted by unwind-protect View Post

    On the plus side, you could rent gliders afterwards rather than needing to buy your own.
    You can rent microlights now too, law changed a few years back.

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    Thanks for the replies and advice - I now have a years membership at my local gliding club so will take this route but continue to save for Microlight training and hopefully start at the end of the year if not before. Can't wait!

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    Dear Rossi,

    Whatever you do, you'll love the flying!

    Please don't feel in a rush to get to a certain point in your training. Aviation naturally attracts goal focused individuals. Lots of them are so focused on getting solo, navexs, license etc that they don't take the time to enjoy the journey.

    So in answer to your original question, yes you can learn to fly on a couple of lessons a month. You won't learn as quickly as someone having more frequent lessons, but you certainly won't have any less fun. Unless your goal is a professional license, what's the rush?

    That said, gliding is a huge amount of fun. And it is a great way to become truly proficient in a wide range of aviation skills. Gliding is quite a different culture to microlighting, as most clubs work on a self help basis. So you can expect to do your turn hooking up, or winding in. This can be a problem if you're not time rich, but can be a huge bonus if you have the time to dedicate to the sport.

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